3 Crucial Tips for Managing Upward to Protect Your Team

Managing upwards is a big deal for leaders. It is crucial if you are going to (insert your word here… protect, care for, support) your team. Leaders need their leader’s support to be effective in their role. Or they risk doing one of two things. One is looking like a toothless Tiger, with no influence or persuasion to get things done for their team. Two, they aren’t able to support their team members when they need it, during times of challenge.  

And yes, that impacts the team’s psychological safety.  

Managing upwards is an often overlooked but critical skill. As a leader, your responsibility extends not only to your team but also to those above you. Navigating this dynamic can be challenging, but it’s essential to protect and empower your team. Today, I’m sharing three crucial tips for leaders on managing upwards to ensure your team’s well-being. 

1. Understand Your Leader’s Goals 

To manage upwards effectively, it’s vital to gain insight into your leader’s goals, priorities, and expectations. What are they trying to achieve, and how can your team contribute to those objectives? By aligning your team’s work with the larger organisational goals, you demonstrate value and build trust. And you can make your leader prioritise your team’s priorities. 

Moreover, understanding your leader’s perspective allows you to anticipate their needs and proactively address them. 

2. Effective Communication and Feedback  

Open and constructive communication is key to managing upwards. Share relevant information and updates with your leader in a clear, concise, and timely manner. Be sure to provide feedback that is solution-focused and demonstrates how your team’s efforts support the organisation’s goals.  

Effective communication can prevent misunderstandings and ensure everyone is on the same page

3. Advocate for Your Team 

Protecting your team means advocating for their needs and ensuring they have the resources and support required to excel. If you encounter challenges or obstacles that hinder your team’s performance, diplomatically address these issues with your leader.  

Frame these discussions as opportunities for growth and efficiency, emphasising the benefits that result from supporting your team. 

Share very clearly what support you need, in order to take care of your team. And to prioritise their psychological safety. If your leader can’t make a decision that will impact your team. You need to be persuasive. Or your team members will suffer. And they will leave. Yes, I am speaking from experience here. I see it happen. 

Managing upwards is a delicate balance of respecting your leaders’ authority while championing your team’s interests. It is an essential skill that not only safeguards your team’s well-being but also fosters a healthy, productive work environment. 

By mastering these tips, you can effectively manage upwards, contributing to your team’s success while maintaining a harmonious working relationship with your leaders. 

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