We offer better solutions, through our holistic approach to leadership, through psychology-based programs, which help leaders to create conscious control.

Our Director’s Back Story

Pressure does funny things.

It starts with sweaty palms, shaky voices, noisy minds.

And too often ends with bad decisions and dangerous errors.


But the thing about pressure is often there’s no danger,

but our body believes there is.

So we freeze – physically, mentally, emotionally.

And no matter how hard we try, we can’t take back control. 


I’ve been in these situations myself.

At 21, an error in a high-pressure environment almost cost me my life.

But thankfully, instead, it put me on a different path.


Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of teams and thousands of leaders,

to answer the question: 

How can we stay calm and controlled whilst under pressure?


See, dealing with pressure is a skill you were probably never taught.

Either at school, at home, or in the workplace.

Most of the time it’s a skill we don’t even realise we need.


But I’ve discovered there are ways to develop it:

Ways to make great decisions under pressure.

Ways to become the leader others aspire to be.

Ways for teams to come together, no matter the situation.


My methodology helps identify, navigate and conquer pressure.

To elevate our decision-making abilities,

and help leaders and teams lead consciously under pressure. 


Equipped with these skills, we unfreeze when the pressure is on.

Freeing our body and mind so we can take control,

and make the best decisions in any situation.


It’s a skill that could just save a life.

I’m Anton Guinea, and I’m here to help leaders to create conscious control when they are under pressure

We have built The Guinea Group into a successful and sought-after consultancy business by leading with our values. Our Team Charter defines what we believe and how we approach our work:

Deliver more than value than we what we get paid for
Live with integrity and keep our promises, always
Live with authenticity and form connections with people
Ensure an unwavering, total focus on our clients
Live in flow; manage emotions and avoid unnecessary distractions
Having an abundance of energy, enthusiasm, and enterprise thinking
We will always strive to exceed expectations

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