Our driving mission is to make safety Safe; Safe to talk about, Safe to engage in and Safe to report about

Company Information

Since 2005, The Guinea Group has supported leaders to create high performing teams, and to create an environment of psychological and physical safety. We have worked with Governments, CEOs, heavy industry workers and employees from a wide range of industries in Australia, and overseas. Our individualised and tailored training and coaching programs are delivered with energy, engagement and entertainment.

Put simply, The Guinea Group helps leaders and teams to understand the importance of communicating to care and connect, creating cultures that foster support, and how to become a better version of yourself.

The Guinea Group are advocates for personal development, emotional intelligence, and psychological safety. Our programs are based around these three key elements, and our clients get 15 years of experience, a HR degree, current psychology study, master practitioner communication training and more.

We have built The Guinea Group into a successful and sought-after consultancy business by leading with our values. Our Service Charter defines what we believe and how we approach our work:

Apply the law of value: deliver beyond what we get paid for
Live with integrity and keep our promises, always
Live with authenticity and form connections with people
Ensure an unwavering, total focus on our clients
Live in flow; manage emotions and avoid unnecessary distractions
Having an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and passion
We will always strive to exceed expectations

About Anton Guinea

Anton Guinea is one (if not the only) person who has taken his workplace injury story from a one hour session that is remembered for a month or two, to a psychology based program that changes the hearts and minds of leaders and organisations, that has been delivered nationally and internationally.

Anton Guinea is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, bestselling author, and founder of The Guinea Group of Companies. With a business career spanning more than 15 years, and with extensive experience working with staff at all levels of more than 150 businesses worldwide, Anton helps leaders to inspire their teams to become high performing, with an engaging and innovative approach that is based on the concept of care factor leadership.

A workplace incident survivor, Anton calls himself an ‘Activist’ for positive culture change for robust and influential communication in the workplace, and for doing no harm to each other in our work and personal relationships. He has been termed ‘Mr Fix it’ in relation to under performing teams, where his work has transformed teams from totally dysfunctional to very high performing. His passion for life shows up in his love for triathlon, and with the mantra that ‘life is like a long swim, ride and run’ he uses Ironman Triathlon analogies like transitioning through change processes to help leaders to learn how to care for themselves, their teams and their business.