Building Resilience so you can Advance Despite Adversity

Credit – Jurie Rossow from Hello Driven Pty Ltd (Resicoach)

When we hear the word resilience, we tend to think about being tough, coping with challenges, and being strong in the moment, when the chips are down, or the pressure is on.

And that is right. It is a skill that allows us to manage moments of turmoil and struggle in a calm and collected way. With our emotions in check, and our mind clear and focused.

Over time, it has become more than just dealing with adversity. Resilience has become about ‘advancing despite adversity’ (credit: Jurie Rossow) rather than simply dealing with it.

 The challenge with resilience though, is that it is difficult to learn in the moment. It is difficult to go through a challenging period, and to develop resilience. You really need to have developed the resilience skills prior to the moment when it is required.

So, if resilience skills need to be learned prior to when they are required, what can you do to build those? And what does that take?

It takes the development of skills in the six key resilience domains of collaboration, vision, composure, reasoning, tenacity, and health.

When it comes to collaboration, building support networks, creating a social group, and managing social perceptions, are all important. In short, get a great social and support network.

In relation to vision, set your purpose, goals and congruence with what you want to achieve in life. Being composed required emotional regulation, emotional trigger management and staying calm and in control.

Reasoning is about problem solving, resourcefulness and planning and anticipation. Tenacity skills include being more persistent, operating with realistic optimism and bouncing back from tough times are all very important skills for resilience.

From a health perspective, it is the age-old advice of managing your nutrition, sleep and exercise, that supports the development of resilience skills.

In short, the more effort that you can put into your personal development as an ongoing cause, the better off you will be when you need to demonstrate resilience skills. 

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