Dealing With Disappointment

One of my amazing clients is good enough to allow me to come into their business on a monthly basis and work with their sales and leadership staff on setting, and achieving, their monthly goals and targets!  

This month, we talked about dealing with setbacks, challenges and disappointments, and here is the material that I shared with the client (and a massive thanks to them, too): 

Identify the next opportunity 

Missing a sale or an opportunity (or a leadership opportunity), can be upsetting, but at the end of the day, there is always the next sale, the next team member, and the next opportunity to add value. And, it is all about adding value at every possible chance. 

Opportunities are like buses, there is another one coming. 

2. Put it in perspective 

As tough as today may feel, most of the time, you won’t remember today in a year’s time. Put it in perspective by understanding that there are so many important things for you to focus on, rather than what has happened today.  

Don’t sweat the small stuff, and most of it is small stuff! 

3. Be grateful 

When you are experiencing negative emotions, that is a perfect time to remember the power of gratitude. Be thankful for what you have, and what you get to do and experience on a daily basis. We all have so much to be grateful for.  

Even during these times, thanking yourself or someone else, will help you to feel better! 

4. Write down what you have learnt from the experience 

This is a great tool, as your subconscious will keep you thinking about a situation until you are able to get the learnings from it. When you can learn from something, you can park it, and move on.  

Every day is a school day! 

5. Give yourself a limited time to feel bad 

If you miss an opportunity, it is ok to process it, and spend time feeling down, just don’t let the feeling stay around for too long. Put a time limit on it, then move on, and move forward.  

This would be one of the best techniques I have found to manage negative emotions! 

Anton Guinea is the safety leadership expert. His journey is unique, having survived a workplace incident which he transformed from a cautionary story into powerful, psychology-based safety programs that has moved the hearts and minds of organisations globally. 
For 15 years, Anton has worked with over 150+ businesses and their leaders, to help make safety safe; safe to talk about, to engage in, and to report about. Working in the space of where Safety meets Leadership, Anton founded The Guinea Group as the safety support network to help businesses to LEADsafe365.
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