Have you ever learnt the hard way?

Most leaders have.

And, most kids have.

Leaders get lessons by dealing with people situations and working out what works.💥

Kids get lessons by doing stupid stuff.💯

But, when it is your own kids, you just wish you could “put an old head on young shoulders” … but you can’t …

My son was a budding leader. He did leadership work for a Teen coaching group. He went on leadership camps with PCYC. He went to men’s counselling sessions, to learn the finer art of how to talk to people with challenges.

Then, he posted something harmful on social media. About a girl.

From that, he wasn’t able to go to a leadership camp, and he was in trouble at school. He was shattered.

It was a good learning, and a good learning to get at a young age – he was 15.

I can say that he has been a (somewhat) exemplary social media user, since (from what I see …). He is now more respectful, and he 💯 understands why his behavior was inappropriate. Which it was.

As his parents, we were sad for him, but actions have outcomes.

And, a good leader learns from their mistakes.

The end of this story is a happy one. My son has:

• Since finished school and started his first job as a Real Estate Agent

• Just put a contract on his first property purchase

• Grown into an amazing young man who is nice to people, who is respectful and who is courteous and friendly

Of course, we are very proud of him, and our other son, too! But he really did have to get this learning the hard way. It hurt him at the time. He is better off for the experience now, and I can safely say that he will be more respectful online in the future.


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Anton Guinea is the safety leadership expert. His journey is unique, having survived a workplace incident which he transformed from a cautionary story into powerful, psychology-based safety programs that has moved the hearts and minds of organisations globally. 
For 15 years, Anton has worked with over 150+ businesses and their leaders, to help make safety safe; safe to talk about, to engage in, and to report about. Working in the space of where Safety meets Leadership, Anton founded The Guinea Group as the safety support network to help businesses to LEADsafe365.
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