How I survived a leadership role I wasn’t ready for

I thought I was ready. Some thought I was ready. Ready for a demanding leadership role. But I wasn’t. Not even close. I took the role anyway. And pretty much failed.

Can leadership be learned or is it inherited?

Both. Leadership is a skill set. It can certainly be learned. And it is inherited too (for the few lucky ones – studies have isolated the rs4950 genotype – the gift that nature has given some born leaders). I didn’t get that gene… I have had to learn the hard way.

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Anton has dedicated his working life to helping leaders to upgrade their mindset, upskill their leadership, and uplift their teams! With a focus on helps leaders to better lead under pressure. Anton is an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, bestselling author and founder of The Guinea Group. Over the past 19 years, Anton has worked with over 175+ global organisations, he has inspired workplace leadership, safety, and cultural change. He’s achieved this by combining his corporate expertise, education (Bachelor of HR and Psychology), and infectious energy levels.
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