How to really use your DISC profile

We have administered a ton of DISC profiles over the last however many years, and it is one of my favourite leadership coaching activities. To help people understand themselves, and to understand others. And to understand why that is important!  

But how do you really use that 30 something page document, that tells you if you are Dominant, Influential, Steady or Conscientious? What will make it more than a report, what will make it the thing, the tool, that changes your life, your communication, and your team leadership? What you do with it, of course! ? 

So, what can you do with it? 

  1. Read it by yourself 

I know this sounds straight forward. But most people don’t. And this includes me (I am a high Influencer, and I don’t have much Conscientious in my profile – aka, I don’t do details and data). What I do though, is know the bits of the document that are relevant and that can move the needle for me. I refer to my profile regularly (yes, I use my profile in training programs – I take the attendees through my profile, to help me explain mine, and to help them understand their own profiles).  

My profile is always in my computer bag, and it is never too far away when I am doing one-on-one coaching sessions in case we need to refer to it. Not only do I read it, but I have internalised it, and I understand it. Yes, there are some parts of it that are ‘vague’, although I value the information, I make it a priority to stay on top of it, and to keep ‘knowing it’. Why, because it is important that I do, as not only do I train, it but I use it daily. 

  1. Read it with your leader 

This one freaks people out. “You mean you want me to sit down with my leader and tell them all about my personality and how to communicate with me”. Ahhh, yep. Especially the page that has got the dos and don’ts on it. Just imagine for a moment if your leader is the type of person that will take that information on board, and work on their communication style… to better connect with you! Winner. 

Now, I get that some people’s leader might not be that growth mindset focused and may not be as approachable as others. In general terms, though, if there is any chance that your leader is willing to take on board that detail and that information, have the conversation with them. If they ask why you are having the chat, just say it is to ‘help you help me’. The idea of that conversation, obviously, is to set your leader up for success. To help them understand how to do great communication with  you, and if they step into the don’ts that you might be triggered, and not do your best work. 

It really is an amazing conversation to have, and one that will really help you out. Mind you, though, if your leader is a good leader, nothing you tell them will be a surprise. If that is the case, that is outstanding. You are working with a great human. 

  1. Read it with your team 

This one really freaks people out. Like above: “You mean you want me to sit down with my team and tell them all about my personality and how to communicate with me”. And again… ahhh, yep.  

Especially the page that has got the improvement opportunities on it. Let your team know that you have been through your profile, and that you have reflected, and that you are going to actively work on one improvement area. You can pick more if you really want to, though one is enough. You might take your team through them all, at the end of the day, though, this is about making a commitment to your team that you are willing to work on your personal development. And that you are willing for your team to hold you accountable to your improvement action. Now, don’t say that you are, if you really aren’t – not great for credibility. 

If you are doing a DISC profiling process with your team, this is easier, as everyone has got their own improvement actions, and if they are willing to share theirs, this creates some openness and better connect between team members. 

As a side note to the above – for the above actions, I have presumed (to a degree at least) that you are part of a psychologically safe team. And that your leader and team members are willing to listen, and to work with you on what matters to you in your DISC profile. 

Needless to say, with the above actions, they can be reciprocal. Feel free to ask your leader to share their dos and don’ts, so that you are aware of them. Also, with the right intent, be willing to hold your team members accountable if they share their improvement opportunities! 

That is how to best use your DISC profile. Don’t just leave it on the shelf. Make it count. 

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