Let Their Light Shine – People’s Potential

There is so much potential in people …  

As leaders, we help people to let their light shine!  

And, as a leader coach, I do the same thing! My biggest success story as a leader coach was working with this one particular leader, and their team, to work through the normal challenges of a “team in turmoil”.  

The challenge 

There was disengagement, disharmony, and a general lack of communication and care factor for each other in the team. It wasn’t great …  

The interesting thing about working with this team, was that my first impressions, and “who” I interpreted the challenge (opportunity) as being, was totally incorrect.  

It was not that team member at all. It was more of the process letting the team down, as the team member didn’t feel like they had an avenue to share their ideas, concerns and willingness to contribute.  

The culture in the team was one of very hard work and ‘head down, bum up’, rather than understanding where people are at, and how much value they have to add to the business! 

The solution 

The apparently disgruntled team member simply wasn’t being heard. They felt dis-empowered, they felt cast aside, and as much as the leader wanted to move them out of the team – this person loved their job, and dearly wanted to stay, and to contribute. In short, they cared!  

With leader support, and a change in team culture, where everyone was provided with the opportunity to (and encouraged to) be a more contributing part of the team, things changed. Yes, slowly, though things changed.  

 The leader worked out how to really care for their team members, and how to demonstrate that care through active listening and then taking congruent action. 

The outcome  

Fast forward 6 months, and that team member is now an informal leader in the team.  

They are a trainer for new starters, and most importantly – they are an example of what is possible with care factor leadership and coaching!!! 

What is your greatest success story?

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