Slowing Down to Speed Up: 3 Essential Strategies for Leaders

Recently, Mrs G (my favourite teacher) was away at a mindfulness retreat. Learning how to help the kids in her class be more mindful and make better choices when they are heightened. At the same time, I was working with a leadership team on the exact same topic. In our session, we covered what it means to slow down to speed up. 

That phrase is used a lot in the safety space, and to me it is a tough one, because it is hard to really communicate how to do that. Especially to front line teams. When there is work to be done… and front-line teams know that we are on the clock. But those teams, and their leaders, also know that the safest businesses are also the most productive businesses. So there is some value in slowing down to speed up. 

My advice to leaders who struggle with this. Model the behaviour. Your teams are a reflection of you, and what you do see and also do. So if you can model slowing down and making mindful decisions, watch your teams follow your lead. Here’s my thoughts on this one: 

1. Prioritise Mindful Decision-Making:

In a world filled with constant demands and information overload, it is easy to rush into decisions without careful consideration. Try to: 

Pause and Reflect: Before making a decision (and before responding even), take a moment to pause and reflect on the problem at hand. Ask yourself critical questions and consider the potential consequences of your choices. 

Gather Input: Seek input and diverse perspectives from your team or advisors. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can uncover new insights that you might have missed in a hurry. 

Use a Decision Framework: Develop a decision-making framework that aligns with your organisation’s values and goals. Having a structured approach can streamline the process and lead to better decisions. 

2. Invest in Self-Care and Well-Being:  

Leaders often neglect their well-being in pursuit of success, but neglecting self-care can lead to burnout and diminished productivity. By prioritising self-care, leaders can maintain their energy levels and operate at their best. Try to: 

Establish Boundaries: Set clear boundaries between work and personal life. This allows you to recharge and return to your responsibilities with a fresh perspective. 

Regular Exercise and Nutrition: Physical health is closely tied to mental clarity and resilience. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can help you stay alert and focused. 

Mindfulness Practices: Incorporate mindfulness techniques, such as meditation or deep breathing exercises, into your daily routine. These practices can reduce stress and improve your ability to handle challenging situations. 

3. Foster a Culture of Learning and Adaptability:  

Slowing down to speed up (in the long run) requires adaptability and continuous learning. Leaders who cultivate these qualities within their teams can respond more effectively to changing circumstances and opportunities. Try to: 

Encourage Experimentation: Create an environment where employees feel safe to experiment and learn from their mistakes. Innovation often arises from trying new things. In a controlled manner. 

Invest in Training and Development: Provide opportunities for skill development and training. A knowledgeable and adaptable team is an asset that can accelerate growth. 

Embrace Change: As a leader, lead by example by embracing change and demonstrating a willingness to adapt. Show that learning and growth are ongoing priorities for you and your organisation. 

By incorporating these strategies into your leadership approach, you can slow down when needed, make more informed decisions, and ultimately speed up your progress toward your goals. 

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