The Mindful Leader

I am currently listening to the audio book – The Mindful Leader, by Michael Bunting.

It really is a great read (listen), and the learnings are amazing. It really does unpack what it means to be mindful (present), and how to really achieve that. And, no, it is not something that happens overnight, and yes, there is meditation involved (which I am cool with – some people struggle), and you can rewire your brain – as neuroscience is now showing – to learn more, or be more, of anything you want … including being mindful!

Listen to the Mindful Leader here.
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So, what has the book really meant for me? It is so much about understanding how to quieten my crazy brain (and my ‘know everything’ brain … there I said it … I think sometimes I am way too confident, and way to know it all). I am just at the section that is talking about the ‘learning brain’ approach to life and taking every opportunity to both look at things differently, as well as to learn something from every situation. Liking it!!!

Here is what the book promises to help you with:

? Developing real-time self-awareness and take control of your life

? Inspiring others through living and leading from integrity

? Boosting your capacity to learn and innovate

? Bringing out the best in others and making their lives more meaningful

I feel like all of the above are as important as each other, though the one that I think really jumps out at me is the first bullet point, and being in the moment, to be self-aware enough of your state to take real control of your life. What a concept hey …

Take control of your emotional state so that it doesn’t take control of you … love it!

This, of course, like a lot of life skills, takes a huge amount of dedicated effort, and continual practice. Which is worth it.

As a leader coach, and as a public speaker, I feel like the last 15 years in business have been amazingly valuable from the point of view of becoming more self-aware and becoming emotionally in control. I still have a way to go, though, as I still struggle to keep my emotions in check. I, like most people, am a work in progress, though this book has prompted me to make a more concerted effort, which I am committing to doing!!!

Let me know what you think of the book!

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