The Real Issue for Leaders – Most don’t get any Training

It turns out that leaders don’t get the training they need for their role. Not a great shock to some. But an issue, nevertheless. As a leadership trainer, the longest I have seen a leader (who has come through our programs) be in a leadership role without training, is 30 years. That person said that they ‘didn’t know leadership training was a thing’. 

Recently I read the research that backs this up.  

“Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI) surveyed nearly 5,000 employees and HR leaders to find answers, revealing that 3 in 4 employees claim their managers [leaders in TGG speak] are ineffective. Yet, many leaders aren’t insufficient by choice but instead due to a lack of proper training. While 99% of HR leaders claim they offer managerial [an interested word – I have never head of this type of training ????] training, 19% of people leaders said they’ve never received training from their company. Because of this disconnect, 71% of leaders say their company doesn’t support them to be a better people leader.” (Credit Inc. Australia). 

And I get it. Leadership training is a big investment. It is an intangible product. Understood completely. And as a senior leader or a CEO, the challenge is, what skills do we teach our leaders? Do we train them on process skills, or do we train them on people skills? The answer is both. Here are some things you could training your leaders on: 

1. Effective Communication 

Communication is the cornerstone of successful leadership. Leaders must convey their thoughts, expectations, and strategies clearly to their teams. They need to do this regularly, during 1:1 meetings – the research shows that the more time together, the more connected the leader and the team. 

Training in effective communication helps bridge the gap between intentions and understanding. It covers various aspects, including active listening, giving constructive feedback, and adapting communication styles to different personalities. Effective communication fosters trust, alignment, and a positive working environment. 

2. Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving 

In any workplace, conflicts and challenges are bound to arise. A leader’s ability to navigate these situations with finesse can make or break a team’s cohesion and productivity. Training in conflict resolution, equips leaders with the skills to address disagreements, mediate disputes, and find mutually beneficial solutions.  

Additionally, problem solving training enhances critical thinking, enabling leaders to tackle complex issues, make informed decisions, and drive innovation. 

3. Emotional Intelligence (EI) 

Emotional Intelligence has gained prominence as a vital skill for leaders. It involves recognising, understanding, and managing emotions, both in oneself and in others. Leaders with high EI are better equipped to build strong relationships, inspire their teams, and handle stress effectively.  

Training in EI can enhance self-awareness, empathy, and interpersonal skills, empowering leaders to create a more emotionally intelligent workplace culture. 

When did you last provide training for your leaders? And when is now the right time to reach out to see how we can assist! 

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