Unlocking Potential: 3 Reasons Why a Great Leader Trumps a Great Business

I don’t work for the company; my coaching client told me. I work for the person in the GM seat. Plain and simple.  

There was no black and white about that conversation. This client (senior leader themselves) was more committed to their leader than they were to their organisation. It was like a level of dedication. I call it the ‘I’d walk over broken glass for them’ comment. 

So why is it so important to work more for your leader than your business? In short, because your LMX (leader team member exchange) shapes up the type of experience that you have with the organisation anyway. Your leader is essentially your organisational representative.  

And people don’t leave organisations, they leave leaders… so what makes a great relationship where a senior leader cares more about the name on the managers door than the logo on their shirt? 

1. Inspiring Mentorship That Shapes Futures 

Behind every great leader is an unwavering commitment to mentorship. These remarkable individuals not only lead by example but actively invest in your growth. A leader’s wisdom and guidance pave the way for new perspectives and refined skills.  

Unlike a successful business that may focus on bottom-line results, a great leader takes the time to nurture your potential, offering insights that transcend the boundaries of traditional corporate success. 

2. Empowerment Fuels Innovation 

In a dynamic work environment, innovation and creativity thrive when there’s a leader who empowers their team. Exceptional leaders are more than just decision-makers; they’re collaborators who encourage you to think outside the box and experiment fearlessly.  

While a successful business structure might offer resources, it’s a great leader who creates an atmosphere where ideas flourish, and team members are empowered to become drivers of change. 

3. Personal Connection That Fuels Passion 

A great leader doesn’t just manage tasks; they cultivate a sense of purpose. Working under a leader who values your contributions and understands your aspirations can ignite a unique sense of passion for your work.  

While a successful business can provide stability, it’s the personal connection and genuine appreciation from a leader that fuels your dedication and motivates you to give your best, day in and day out. 

As you navigate your career journey, remember that the influence of a remarkable leader can shape your path in ways that transcend the achievements of a successful business. Their mentorship, empowerment, and personal connection can lead to a career enriched with growth, innovation, and purpose. Seek out leaders who provide you with these types of experiences and then ‘walk over broken glass for them.’ 

We’re eager to hear your thoughts! Have you had the privilege of working under a leader who transformed your professional trajectory?  

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