Upgrade your Leadership: Three Key Practices for Self-Care and Team Success

There is so much expected of leaders in 2023. Especially at this time of the year. In my conversations with leaders, I am hearing more and more about how much work there is to do. Either simply due to the time of year, or because their teams are struggling with workload or personal challenges. Some leaders are always surprised how much their team members struggle at year end on a personal, or a professional level.

The real challenge is that leaders need to be able to care for themselves first, so that they can care for their teams. It is hard to be there for others if you are not there for yourself. As you read through this newsletter, it will trigger some of you. Why? Because I start each recommendation with spend more time on an activity or thought process. I know you are ‘crazy busy’, but at the same time, don’t check out mentally as you read spend more time doing these things.

Here are three essential practices that can empower leaders to care for themselves, ultimately enabling them to better care for their teams:

1. Spend some time in reflection

Leadership can be a relentless pursuit, and it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day challenges. Taking time for mindful reflection allows leaders to pause, gain perspective, and assess your own mental and emotional well-being. This practice enables a deeper understanding of personal strengths and areas for growth, fostering resilience and emotional intelligence. I use meditation (most day), and I have thinking time each day.

Action Step: Schedule regular periods for reflection in your calendar. Use this time to journal, meditate, or simply sit in quiet contemplation. It’s an investment in your mental clarity and emotional resilience.

2. Spend some time exercising

A healthy leader is a more effective leader. Regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient sleep are foundational elements of physical well-being. When leaders prioritise their health, they not only boost their own energy levels and cognitive function but also set a positive example for their teams. This holistic approach to well-being contributes to increased productivity and fosters a culture of wellness within the organisation. And it only has to be walking – walking has been shown to be a major stress reliever (though it is totally undervalued). I am lucky, because I found triathlon, and I spend 10 or more hours per week exercising (which is not for everyone).

Action Step: Incorporate physical activity into your routine, ensure a balanced diet, and prioritise sleep. Share your commitment to well-being with your team, encouraging them to do the same.

3. Spend some time on your own learning and skills development

Invest in your own development through continuous learning and skill enhancement. Attend workshops, read leadership literature, and seek out mentorship opportunities. As you grow, so does your ability to inspire and guide your team towards success. For me, this means reading, studying, and doing a Master of Research

Action Step: Create a personalised development plan outlining specific skills or knowledge areas you want to enhance. Regularly revisit and adjust this plan, keeping it aligned with your evolving leadership goals.

Remember, by prioritising self-care, leaders create a positive ripple effect within their teams and organisations.

A self-cared for leader is better equipped to inspire, guide, and care for their team members, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and success.

Wishing you continued success and self-care on your leadership journey!

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