As a leader, how do you feel and think about yourself!

Of all of the questions that I ask leaders (and there are a lot – for anyone that knows anything about coaching – all coaches really do is ask questions) – this one is by far the most important.  

So, why??? 

Well firstly, the story of two leaders that I work with.  

Leader 1 is struggling to get their team to the place of ‘high performance’. Leader 1 is constantly struggling with challenges around how the team respond to them, Leader 1 is trying hard, though the team is just not getting it. And, most importantly, Leader 1 feels like their team don’t value them as a leader …  

When I ask Leader 1 about their role in the team, they talk themselves down, they talk about themselves as being part of the team, more than their leader, and they are beating themself up about what is happening in their team … 

Leader 2 is also struggling with their team, and their team performance. 

Leader 2, though, talks about themself as a leader, is working hard on their own personal worth, their own personal value system, is totally committed to becoming better leader (not a team member), is willing to have the ‘robust conversations’ and who’s self-talk about themself is just so positive and so committed. 

Who will be successful in turning their team around? Pretty easy answer, right … Leader 2, of course. 

Why, though, and what is the psychology behind it? 

It is really easy – the way you think about yourself and the way you feel about yourself is the way that the universe, and others, will think and feel about you. You can’t fool people … seriously …  

If you don’t feel like a leader, if you feel inadequate, if you feel unworthy, guess what, you team will notice that. It will come through in your behaviour, and in your languaging … 

Think about yourself differently, and others will, too! 

So, how do you change how you view yourself – you need to step up (emotionally and mentally) and become who you need to be as either a leader, or just as a human being.  

Here are some affirmations that might help: 

I’ve got this 
I am capable 
I am a strong leader 
I have the support of my team 
I can influence others and change myself 

If you can really lock these types of statements (and beliefs) into your subconscious mind, and your conscious mind, watch your leadership, and what your life change!!! 

Anton Guinea is the safety leadership expert. His journey is unique, having survived a workplace incident which he transformed from a cautionary story into powerful, psychology-based safety programs that has moved the hearts and minds of organisations globally. 
For 15 years, Anton has worked with over 150+ businesses and their leaders, to help make safety safe; safe to talk about, to engage in, and to report about. Working in the space of where Safety meets Leadership, Anton founded The Guinea Group as the safety support network to help businesses to LEADsafe365.
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