How Does a Strong Leader Grow a Business??? Let’s ask Sheena!

I recently interviewed Sheena, an amazing General Manager, and she is growing a successful business, and she has been willing to share some of her secrets to success. 

Have a passion that gets you out of bed in the mornings! 

Passion is key. You need to be invested in what you are doing, and why you are doing it. Without passion, it will be hard to get through the tough times, it will be hard to find solutions to problems, and it will be difficult to maintain your energy over the long haul. 

For me, I have been lucky throughout my career that I have generally loved what I have done. And, the times when I haven’t, I have changed roles or change careers. And, yes, it is that easy to pivot, and to do something else in life. You are not a tree, if you don’t like where you are, move. 

Have a belief in what you do! 

If passion is the key, belief is the lock that is freed up and that helps you create success in your life. In my experience, the challenge for most sales people is that they just don’t believe in their product. They think they believe it in, but deep down in their heart of hearts, they think that it won’t work, isn’t worth the money or have some other challenge with what they are selling. 

For me, I struggled with this early on. Especially as my success increased, and as more people were willing to invest in my services. My rate started to increase, and with that had to be a belief in who I was (most important), and in what I could deliver for businesses. The people, and the businesses that hire me (and TGG) know that they will get an outstanding level of service, they will get more than they paid for, and they will get a return on their investment. 

Have need to be tough, at times 

With passion and belief will come success, and with success will come challenges and set-backs. The toughness element of being in business, also call resilience, cannot be looked past, as life has a way of giving you the ‘gift of feedback’ on what you are doing. Either in a small way (missing a deal) or in a big way (losing a business), as examples.  

Yes, we have had the little lessons in life, and we have had the major lessons. None of them have been much fun, but all of them have been amazing learning experiences, and experiences that set us up for success into the future. The one thing that I worked out, was that, if you don’t learn from your experiences, two things will happen – the first being that you won’t be able to put it behind you and move on, and second, you will get to have the experience again (no thanks). 

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