Leaders and Teams Need to be Upskilling – Times are Changing

So, McKinsey came out today, and said that a new report has shown: 

“Unemployment could spike by up to 2.5 percentage points as a result of the expected automation of up to 46 per cent of jobs in Australia by 2030”. 

McKinsey Australia also says that left to its own devices, “automation could see Australia’s unemployment rate rise without retraining for people whose jobs are lost”.  

My question to McKinsey is, why is this going to be such a problem, when really, it is only a matter of upskilling our workers along the way. People have to utilise the technology. Technology is creating as many jobs as it is replacing, so why are our leaders not focusing on this issue, right now? 

Because senior leaders don’t yet understand the gravity of this issue, how fast it is coming, and what they need to do, to ensure that the leaders in their business are ready for the shift from the industrial age to the technical age (which we are well and truly in). 

Here is what I believe CEOs and business leaders could be doing now: 

Build “technology thinking” into the business now 

There needs to be someone in the business that is focused on the future, what is coming, how it will affect your industry, and what you can do about it. And, it might be more than one person, it might be a team.  

That person, or team, needs to be at the cutting edge of relevant technology – for their industry. Robots on Mars is cool, but robots packing our shelves is more relevant! 

I have seen this implemented in one business, already (only one)! 

Make data sharing a real thing 

To me, data sharing is going to be one of the biggest trends in the next decade. 

Business is decentralising, and even data sharing between mutually inclusive businesses is increasing – I am working with two clients currently, who are working on this very thing.  Think data share, both internally and externally, into the future. 

Source training 

Be proactive.  

You know that training budget that you never seem to spend, even though your team would love to go and do some training – why not consider some tech training, and some tech upskilling. 

Make it relevant, make it our business and our industry related, and make it valuable, and relevant to improved and upgraded business processes. 

And, of course, encourage leaders to talk about technology, to embrace it, and not to fight it, or fight the change process.  

Technology is changing, and how leaders at all levels of business embrace it, in the end, will determine which jobs stay, and which jobs go, and how many employees (and roles) are lost to technology, even though there will be roles for everyone – it just depends on how we all up skill!

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