The 7 Deadly Sins of Leaders (who can’t influence)

Most leaders that I deal with (fortunately) have got it together, reach out for support when the need it, and generally get their priorities and their processes right.

Then, there are the other group, who unfortunately don’t reach out.

I struggled for a long while on why most of my work came from leaders that care, and leaders with influence – they were there, they just wanted to take their game to the next level.

Then, I worked it out – Leaders that are on struggle street, either:

  1. Don’t know how bad the situation is (ok, cool, maybe your team is getting you through – good on them)
  2. Don’t care how bad the situation is (they know there are struggles in their team, they just don’t care – they have to push on, and get work done, remember)

As I look in at Leaders that are not ‘gelling’ with their team, or they are not getting the support from their team that they need, there are (in general terms) a list of 7 things that could be the reason. Those 7 deadly sins of poor performing leaders include:

  1. They don’t make their team their priority

There is always something else going on for them, that is more important than growing their team …

  1. They don’t have a compelling vision

They think they know where they are going, but haven’t articulated it to their team, and their team are ‘in the dark’

  1. They don’t lead the work, they do the work

“If you need it done, you need to do it yourself, right …”

  1. They miss meetings with their team members

This fatal flaw is the worst example of how leaders find other things to do, rather than coach and mentor team members

  1. They don’t lead by example

“Don’t do as I do, do as I say …” (note – if this is your leader, this is not the right team for you)

  1. They use the words ‘I am too busy’

What that really means is that they don’t really care about much other than getting their next promotion

  1. They don’t value systems and processes

Yes, good Leaders rely on, implement and utilize business systems – neglect these and watch your team suffer with uncertainty

In short, the leader playbook is about ensuring that your leadership style can never be accused of including any of the above. If you can put your hand on your heart and say that you haven’t, and don’t, commit any of these sins, go you!!! And, go your team. That is who will really benefit!

Alternatively, reach out, we are here to help!

Have you ever committed any of these deadly sins???

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