The quandary of the high performing team

The quandary for high performing teams is ‘how do they get even more high performing’? When your team is at the top of its game, how can you elevate it even further? Yes, it is a good quandary to have, but what is the solution? Glad you asked ? 

Luckily for our business, we have become somewhat of the experts in this area, because most of our work is with high performing teams. ??? I know right… for every call we get from a team in turmoil (or a leader in turmoil) we get three calls from a high performing team, to take them to the next level. Which is a beautiful thing for us.  

We have often reflected, inside TGG, on why that is the case. We keep coming back to the fact that we are quite positive about life, positive about the potential of teams and their leaders and positive in our languaging. We seem to attract more of what we put out. 

Oh, and the other thing we think is that it can be hard for leaders to reach out if their team is in turmoil. It is like admitting defeat. I get that, too. Just do it. Make the call – you will be glad you did. Never be too proud or to fearful to ask for help. 

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