What does your behaviour say about your brand, and your values!

Recently, I was in a workshop, where we were building a Team Charter, that was about how the team were going to work together, what they were committed to doing, and what they would hold each other accountable to. It was a great session, and the team had fun (of course). 

During the session, we looked at my own Team Charter (the charter for my business) and we went through it line by line. And, it was amazing just how easily I could demonstrate through the work that I was doing how we were living the values and the beliefs that we commit to in the TGG Charter! 

That was pretty cool! 

And, of course, like these experiences, it got me thinking about if people really do live their own values or live the values of the business (and even if their values are aligned with those of their business). 

It is easy to have a charter, or a mission or a vision statement, but at the end of the day, are you as a leader, living the values and is your team living the values. And, whether or not you are living the values, will show up in your behaviour. If your values are respect and trust, and you don’t treat people in that way, it might be time to revisit how you behave, especially if you are in a leadership role. And, this is just a simple example.

Another example is what I see when I travel for work. And, I spend a lot of time in Qantas Clubs and airports, and I see people in their company uniforms, drinking alcohol during work hours (on the clock), or being rowdy, or even rude to customer service staff. And, those behaviours might be acceptable in their business, though at TGG, that would be seen as very in appropriate. 

For leaders especially, what is your behaviour saying about your brand – all the good things, I hope – and what are your team’s behaviours saying. 

I have attached a copy of our company Charter, for your information, and please feel free to hold me and my team accountable to it, if you see us not living up to it! 

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