What Leadership Means To Me

Would you believe that the statement ‘what leadership means to me’ (or a question, maybe) is one of the most searched phrases on Google, in relation to the word leadership. 

Isn’t that interesting that people are searching the internet for what leadership means to them … or maybe they are looking for some inspiration or what it really is, and what it means to others. Maybe they are looking for a different perspective on it. 

Really, I am not sure why people search Google using those words, though what I do know is that I have a very clear definition for me, of what I think leadership is, and why it is so important to get right. 

And, it might surprise you to know what a Leadership speaker and consultant thinks leadership is … (and, it is not all of the normal stuff, like inspiration, motivation or vision – yes, these are important, though the essences of leadership is way deeper than that) … 

What Leadership means to me – The Obligation Perspective 

To me, strong leadership changes lives. Strong leadership has a ripple effect, due to the decisions and actions of leaders having an impact on a wide range or people, not just their team members … let me explain … 

Leaders who understand that they have a ripple effect, work from an obligation perspective! 

What this means is that when leaders really Internalise that their decisions affect their team, the business, their team’s families, their team’s friends and a range of other people on the planet, they step up their game, and work from a place of integrity, values and care factor. 

And, they work from a place of obligation. They are obliged to their team members, to be great leaders, and to have a positive impact on everyone who might be affected by their decisions. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have the tough conversations, they have those discussions with the right intent and the right outcome in mind. 

What Leadership means to me – The Platinum Rule 

The Golden Rule (treat others how you want to be treated) has long been touted as a great way to live, and to lead. And, I agree. 

In this modern age, though, people don’t want to be all treated the same (and especially not just how the leader wants to be treated). 

Team members want to be treated like individuals, and they want to be communicated with in their style, not the leader’s style. 

Leaders need to understand that people are individuals and have different needs and styles! 

The more that leaders can take the time to treat people like individuals, they more that their team members will respect them, and commit to the team! 

In short, zoom in on what makes each of your team members unique! 

What Leadership means to me – Liking People 

When I asked a CEO recently what he looked for in new hires, all he could say was that he hires people who ‘like people’. It is that simple. 

I really do feel like leadership starts and finishes with people, so leaders really do need to like people. 

The more that leaders can simply like people, the easier their job will be! 

And, liking people makes the leader’s job so much easier. 


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