Which Leadership Style is best? And, why?

Depending on what leadership theory you aspire to, there are a number of leadership styles, and even models to choose from. 

My personal preference is the James MacGregor Burns model, where Burns makes the distinction between transactional and transformational leadership (as well as Laissez Faire Leadership). 

 Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Range_Leadership_Model 

In short: 

What Leadership Style is Best – Is it Laissez Faire leadership? 

This type of leadership is very hands off. It is very autonomous in nature, as it allows the team to be essentially self-managed. This type of leader essentially does not take responsibility for their role as a leader, and allows the team to lead themselves, their outcomes, and their relationships with each other. 

And granted, there may be situations or circumstances where this leadership style is appropriate, and suitable. 

Unless there was a unique requirement for this leadership style, I am not sure this would work very well, as most team members that I have dealt with do value some level of support from their leader. 

What Leadership Style is Best – Is it Transactional leadership? 

Transactional leadership is very much a process driven leadership style. 

As the name says, it is very much based on transactions, and there is very little personality, care factor or emotional intelligence applied to the process. Transactional leaders are compliance driven, they base rewards on following process, and rarely demonstrate people focused leadership. Not ideal, in my humble opinion. 

What Leadership Style is Best – Is it Transformational leadership? 

Transformational leadership is about changing hearts and minds, it is about inspiration and growing people, and high performing teams! 

Transformational leaders understand the value of their team members, are willing to work with them to develop them personally and professionally, and take the time to understand and support them, to ensure that individuals succeed, and the team succeeds. 

Needless to say, this is a great leadership style, though there are times when leaders need to be transactional, and there might even be times when laisse faire is required. Leadership can be very situation specific – though people should be the focus of all leaders! 

The message is to be people focused and do what it takes to lead from the front and inspire your team!!! 

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