Why Richard Branson is my favourite businessperson

I have always been a big fan of Sir Richard Branson. Entrepreneur and owner of Virgin Group of Companies. And if there was a businessperson on planet earth who I want to be like when I grow up, it is Richard! 

He didn’t let anything stop him. And he followed his dreams… 

In business. And elsewhere.

And I wrote a chapter on him, in one of my books! Millionaires and Billionaires! 

I wrote about his story and rise to success – not that it took long! As well as his business and amazing entrepreneur mindset, that severs him well! 

So what can we take away from his story? 

1. Richard Branson didn’t let anything stop him 

Richard started his first business endeavour at age 9, it wasn’t very successful. But even at 9, Richard didn’t let his failure stop him. Over the course of his childhood, he continued to try his hand at different business ventures. 

But his first success didn’t come until he was 16, when he started his own newspaper aimed at his fellow school kids – or at least that’s what they were when he started… 

Richard dropped out not long after, due to the difficulties his dyslexia caused.  

His newspaper continued though, and he started looking for new opportunities. 

When he opened a record label, which quickly grew in success. And was called Virgin Records. 

11 years later, and Richard opened Virgin Airways. 

Now he is a multi-billionaire.  

The thing is, he wasn’t always successful, but he didn’t let his failures stop his goals and ambitions.  

We could all learn a lesson on persistence from Richard Branson. 

2. Richard Branson had big goals 

Richard left school at 16. It wasn’t serving him, and he knew it! He had achieved all he could there and knew that he would be able to spread his wings better away from school. 

It must have taken a lot of guts! 

But he has achieved so much despite being a drop out, and that is because of his goals! Richard said in an interview,  

“My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them.” 

He has definitely done that! 

And that’s the thing about goals – they direct us. Whether these goals are small achievable, or large and challenging, like Richard’s. Having goals are really important! 

We should all have goals, like Richard Branson does! 

3. Richard Branson lives life to the fullest 

Richard is known for his candour, brashness, and openness. Very odd for a businessperson, and a successful one! 

But that’s not all he is. 

He has had many adventures in travel and sports.  

Attempting to break many world records in sailing, hot air ballooning, and many others. His attempts had varying success, but much like in business, Richard never let any of his failures stop him. 

He has never let anything slow him down or define him as soul-y a businessperson. He attempts what he wants to try and doesn’t get bogged down in his failures. 

We should all try to live our lives to the fullest, whatever that may look like, like Richard Branson does! 

And this is why he is one of my favourite businesspeople, and someone I want to be like! 

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